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You are about to go on an adventure with Dr. Chambreau.

  • Does your dog have skin diseases and a doggy odor?
  • Does your cat vomit hairballs all over?
  • Does your dog bark or bite or eat dog stool?
  • Does your cat have gingivitis or feline acne?
  • Would you like some different approaches to health for all of your animals?

Check the warning signs and start evaluating your animal’s health!

For more health information, visit the links above and come back soon to see new pages about:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • And much much more!

Dr. Chambreau is committed to empowering people to heal themselves and their animals in ways that heal the planet. The best food for you and your animals is raised locally and sustainably. Read the Nutrition section of My Practice for guidelines for animals. Connect with My Forever Green on My Favorite Products page for great foods for people as well as environmental house and pet cleaner; food grade organic essential oils and more. Use a water or air filter if needed in your home (see products page). Using homeopathic remedies, ethically raised herbs (Animal Essentials) and supplements (all suggested companies) are great for the planet. Schedule a phone consultation to learn how to keep/get your animals healthy with ways that help the planet.

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